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   Victoria Grizzlies Jr A Hockey Club: Education

Victoria Grizzlies Educational Advisors

The Victoria Grizzlies Jr. ‘A’ Hockey Club is a strong supporter of their players’ educational aspirations. The club was thrilled with the 12 scholarships awarded in the 2010-2011 season. This was in part due to the player’s hard work ethic but also to the “invisible” educational support members of the team. To this end the Grizzlies have not one but 2 Educational Advisors on staff.

Answering the questions posed by players and their families to expediting the numerous requests for player information from prospective universities and colleges, Butch Boucher and Todd Feser are always on the lookout for whatever “edge” they can find in the quest of securing a hockey scholarship for their players. We are very lucky to have both Butch and Todd working together in the best interest of our players.


Butch Boucher is returning in his sixth year (2012) as Educational Advisor. He brings his wide ranging background to his continuing hunt of for who to get and where to get scholarships

Butch (retired navy) is a goaltender who plays on numerous recreational hockey teams and completed a 94 game hockey season in 2011-2012. With his crotchety nature and unflagging enthusiasm he has become a unique asset in the player’s arsenal for the search for the holy grail of junior hockey- the hockey scholarship.

Butch Boucher
Victoria Grizzlies Jr. ‘A’ Hockey Club
British Columbia Hockey League (BCHL)
Email: butchboucher@shaw.ca

Todd Feser, entering his fourth year (2012) as Educational Advisor, brings a perfect counter balance to Butch. Todd is the big brother who tries to keep players focused on the importance of achieving a solid SAT score and mentoring those players while enrolled at Belmont High. He is a respected high school teacher in the Western Communities of Victoria and is instrumental with guiding our players by assisting them aligning their course workloads and advising those who wish to continue with either university credited or on-line courses through Camosun College or University of Victoria. Todd also works with the PACE Academic Program and has been very successful with helping his students receive academic scholarships.

Todd is an avid recreational hockey player and follows his son Ethan closely in minor hockey.

Todd Feser
Victoria Grizzlies Jr. ‘A’ Hockey Club
British Columbia Hockey League (BCHL)
250 391-3914
Email: geffencatering@shaw.ca



Regular Season Game
December 1st, 2015 at 7:00 PM

The Q Centre