Spring Hockey


Victoria Grizzlies Spring Hockey


“Play for a premiere Hockey organization”
The BCHL Victoria Grizzlies Junior Hockey Club will be taking online applications for the opportunity to play in the British Columbia Spring Hockey League (BCSHL). This League will provide an opportunity to showcase the prospect player’s abilities and talent to our organization and the other teams in the BCHL.

  • U18 2006-07
  • U17 2007-08


This League will see competition from other teams across the BCHL in showcase style league play. Each team will play 12 regular season games and a final showcase (playoff) weekend. The BCHL is organizing this league as a way for players to showcase themselves to Junior A scouts, as well as to Junior B and NCAA. The intention is that we can localize the top players we are hoping to recruit the following season or later, and see these prospects play in a BCHL atmosphere

The Grizzlies use this program as a pipeline to scout, evaluate, and sign players to play for The Victoria Grizzlies Junior ‘A’ team. Currently, Our Junior ‘A’ hockey club has 7 players who are U18/16 Grizzlies Alumni.

U18/16 Victoria Grizzlies Junior A Alumni:

  • Michael Hoekstra (2002) – U18 Grizzlies – 2018
  • Connor Eddy (2002) – U18 Grizzlies – 2018-19
  • Desmond Arthurs (2003) – U18/16 Grizzlies – 2018-20
  • Tyler Waram (2003) – U18 Grizzlies – 2019/20
  • Dryden DeMelo (2004) – U18/16 Grizzlies 2018-20
  • Michael Adamek (2004) – U116 Grizzlies 2018
  • Henry Rust (2003) – U18 Grizzlies 2019

We also have several players from our Spring Programs who have been invited to main camp, affiliated with our team, or have moved onto other Junior ‘A’ programs. Additionally, we have several other 14-16 year old prospects who are in this Spring Program who will eventually play for our Grizzlies Junior A team

Junior Grizzlies BCSHL program includes the following:

  • Being coached by Junior level coaches & the Victoria Grizzlies staff
  • Coached to play the Grizzlies Tactical Systems and how to be a Pro Hockey player
  • Full length games simulating Junior ‘A’
  • Multiple showcase tournaments
  • *Each player will receive a Grizzlies uniform jersey and socks, pant shells, Grizzlies polo, and warm-up Grizzlies shirt and shorts
  • League Website with full stats, standing, and player profiles


This league’s intention is to create an environment where players of high caliber can develop and experience the type of league the BCHL can offer to athletes with the dream of eventually playing NCAA and/or Pro Hockey. Our league attracts the most NCAA scouts across the CJHL, and draws the most scholarships. The BCSHL is designed to be a stepping stone for players to one-day play in the BCHL.


Program Fee: $2000 per player
Registration Fee: $100 per player




Once you have applied, we will view your application and call your references.


Please Apply through the form below, and we will contact you to let you know we have received your application and giving you more information about the team. We will be taking applications, then forming our team and letting all applicants know if they are successful or not

If you have any questions, please send an email to springleague@victoriagrizzlies.com



3 payment options:

  • e-Transfer $100 to camp@victoriagrizzlies.com
  • Phone the office at (250) 385-1555 to pay by credit card
  • Send us $100 via PayPal

*Make sure to include the name and birth year of the player signing up on your e-Transfer description.