Educational Advisors

Victoria Grizzlies Educational Advisors

The Victoria Grizzlies Jr. ‘A’ Hockey Club is a strong supporter of their players’ educational aspirations. The club was thrilled with the 12 scholarships awarded in the 2016-17 season. This was in part due to the player’s hard work ethic but also to the “invisible” educational support. To this end the Grizzlies have not one but 3 Educational Advisors on staff.

Answering questions posed by players and their families, to expediting numerous requests for players information from prospective universities and colleges, Butch Boucher, Paul Jaswal and Tony Arthurs are always on the lookout for whatever ‘edge’ they can find in the quest of securing a hockey scholarship for their players.   

Butch Boucher

Butch Boucher is returning for his fifteenth year (2021). He brings his wide ranging background to his continuing hunt of where to get scholarships and for who. Butch (retired Navy) is a goaltender who plays on numerous recreational hockey teams and completed 115 games in 2012-2013.

With his crotchety nature and unflagging enthusiasm he has become a unique asset in the player’s arsenal for the search for the holy grail of a junior hockey scholarship.

Butch Boucher


Paul Jaswal

The strongest of any shapes is the Triangle or you can say the third piece of the puzzle. In 2016, Paul Jaswal joined the educational staff to fill the mathematical void some students may have had. He is described by past players as “knowledgeable, funny, and always has your best interest at heart and willing to help you succeed on and off the ice.”

Paul has helped many ex-Grizzlies reach their best potential in the area of mathematics on the SAT/ACT and in the school setting. Not only does he help the boys with college entrance tests he is willing to do extra when they return from long road trips to catch up on schoolwork related to the maths/sciences courses they are studying.

Paul Jaswal


Lucy Faulkner

Lucy joined the Grizzlies educational staff for the 2022-23 season as the SAT English teacher. She currently teaches English at Royal Bay Secondary and is looking forward to helping our players achieve success in the pursuit of their goals. Lucy and her husband Chris have two youngsters in school and the family is looking forward to taking in Grizzlies games.

Lucy Faulkner